A trip to Cape Verde, Sal, Santa Maria

We all love travel, but sometimes it takes a little convincing. Especially when being an online seller. After spending the past few months managing extreme sales, I decided to take a rest. I could afford to spend every single day of the year traveling, however, I have to keep my account secure. In winter, when I am getting bombarded with A-Z claims, negative feedbacks and impatient customers complaining about their orders being late, a few days of joy will always help me gain some energy.

However, the question was, which destination should I pick. The temperatures in Europe wouldn’t allow me to spend days on the beach, so I had to go for Africa or Asia. My friends recommended me the Cape Verde Islands. Cape Verde is made up of around a dozen islands in the Atlantic. One of the islands – Sal is the place, where I decided to go. So we booked a trip with a travel agency and left home on 25.December, just after celebrating Christmas. We had to travel by a car to Prague and depart from there. The flight was delayed, as the unusually cold weather caused the aircraft’s system to freeze and the staff had to spray the wings with anti-freeze liquid.

While my mother was worried about the safety of our flight, my only worry was whether the internet will work well. I can’t imagine being offline for a few hours, as I need to access my account in any circumstances. And Africa doesn’t sound like the best place, where to connect to a fast internet. Our plane firstly landed in Boa Vista, where some of the travelers left. Then the aircraft continued to Sal. As soon as we arrived to the airport, I started searching for a shop with SIM cards. I was successful. I got a micro SIM card for both my iPhone and iPad. What surprised me, was the unexpected high speed of the internet. It was even faster than in the most European countries, which I ever visited. So, all travellers, take a note.

The hotel was a very nice and a large complex in a small town of Santa Maria. We were accomodated in small cosy village houses, just a few meters from a beautiful sandy beach. I was planning to spend most of the stay reading the books, which I brought with me. The weather outside was around 27C, which was enough to convince me to go to the sea and swim there

Every evening, there was a huge and noisy party around the pool. We were surrounded with people of all possible nationalities and cultures and had a great fun. I befriended some Italians, who were constantly questioning me, why I am staring on my iPad all the time. I explained them, that I am a very busy seller on Amazon who needs to watch her account, especially in December. Because this is the time when buyers complain about the non-receipt or late-receipt of their goods and love to punish me for their dissatisfaction.

Santa Maria is a very nice town, with rather European style buildings, food and culture. It is a meeting place for people are of all races and religions. What I enjoy doing when visiting different countries is tasting their local sweets, candy and crisps. After a short trip to the local supermarket I discovered that the grocery available for sale is mostly Spanish and Portuguese. No wonder, it was a Portuguese colony. So I bought the various Nutella bars and chocolate coated oreos, which are not sold in my country yet.

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