Mexico New Year’s Break

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, I was absent from the Amazon US Seller Forum for a week and many people were wondering, what happened to me…. The answer is, nothing.

I had my typical Xmas time – thousands of sales, dozens of A-Z claims, negative feedbacks and hundreds of messages from angry buyers screaming with CAPSLOCK ON and demanding to know, where is their package, completely ignoring the Estimated Delivery Date being 3 weeks in the future!

Too much for a young girl, who is dealing with the usual teenage girl problems as well – just as what to put on myself when going out or how to communicate with my parents to avoid being yelled at.

Soo I am back. And here is a New Year’s PF 2019 picture!:

Btw, my mother saw the picture and told me that I look ugly 😓

Basically, this was my last picture which I took before leaving home today. My parents booked a family holiday in Mexico and I have to go despite I don’t want.

But at least I have something to document and write about! Right now I am sitting in a car on our faw to the airport (I don’t even know which one and when we will have stops as my parents didn’t tell me any details). I am only worrying that there won’t be good internet connection in Mexico. Hopefully there will be!

It’s 07:12 and I am sitting inside a fully packed plane from Vienna to Frankfurt. Of course, I got the worst seats – between a screaming child and big fat sleeping man. At least it’s equipped with WI-FI so I can spend the few hours by doing the usual stuff around Amazon.

Right now it’s 09:36am and we just got out of the plane. It was still dark outside at the time when we landed. After crossing the huge, never-ending airport, it started becoming brighter outside. There are few people to be seen, I can’t see any Christmas decorations unlike in Vienna, it’s really quiet here.